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About us

We are The Ad Store, a small network with big ideas and down-to-earth individuals.

We do things differently. We do things faster. Better. We stand out for our speed, cost-efficiency, and transparency.

We have a modern and digitally oriented communication approach. We are flexible, dynamic, and responsive. With a strategic, as well as “rolling-up sleeves”, approach.

We create strong communication concepts.
We develop creative strategies. We manage marketing plans, from product campaigns to CRM activities, from traditional media to unconventional and integrated projects.

“And all this stems from an important belief: the power of human communication.”

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If you too believe in the power of human communication, join us! Find out how your agency can become an Ad Store in your country.

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Are you looking for a partner that stands out from the usual big “notworks”? You’ve had enough of ad agencies asking for more time and budget? You want to be inspired, amazed, persuaded? Try us!

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